Octave 6

Inspired by our reference speaker, the fat lady, the Octave 6 follows Morel’s new design principals to recreate the excitement of live music whilst preserving tonal accuracy and dynamics.

Our R&D team set the goals high; to create a speaker that could integrate in the living space, enabling listeners outside the centre “sweet spot” to also enjoy the performance. The new series was also designed to be “amplifier friendly” so it is able to work with tube and solid-state amps to recreate musical enjoyment.

The new gently curved MDF cabinet architecture was made to keep some past attributes yet with an up to date modern style. It is painted and hand-polished with 6 layers of lacquer, to a high-gloss piano finish, complimented by the near acoustically transparent stylish Lotus grilles. Like the innovative cabinet concept used in the fat lady, the Octave 6 is void of internal damping. To avoid a boxy sound – new internal vertical baffle with acoustic apertures is placed in the middle to break up standing waves resulting in speaker that sounds as if there is no cabinet at all.

The special transducers engineered for the Octave 6 are the heart and soul of the new series.  Based on Morel’s most advance technology, the new mid-bass unit employs an oversized 3-inch aluminum voice coil over a titanium base encapsulating a powerful Hybrid motor, while the tweeter features our renowned 1.1” Acuflex soft dome.  The innovative crossover topology preserves the life and dynamics of the original sound, like in a live performance.