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True HiFi Wireless Sound For Everyone

True HiFi Wireless Sound For Everyone


The Högtalare Dynamic Wireless Hi-Fi Speaker is unlike any other speaker you’ve come across, combining ultra-high-quality components with a brilliantly unique design.
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One of the best home audio BT speakers...It is built much like a high-quality bookshelf speaker, and it delivers a smoother, more natural sound than most BT speakers can muster.
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We were extremely impressed with the Hogtalare speaker. It certainly fills up a space. The mids and highs are crystal clear, and the bass is appropriately rich and rumbly where it should be.
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An exceptional musical experience, showcasing thunderous bass drum snaps, jangly tambourine, and even glockenspiels I’d never heard before...
Hogtalare speaker explosion view

Maximum Resolution

Högtalare is equipped with two high-end 1-inch soft dome tweeters for smooth and detailed sound. Each plays one channel (left or right), creating a true stereo experience with a wide and full soundstage.

The cabinet is engineered to perfectly complement a powerful 6-inch woofer and two 1-inch high-resolution tweeters to deliver lifelike, dynamic sound effortlessly.

An emotionally powerful
listening experience

Enjoy the detailed highs, crystal clear mids, and robust bass.
The lifelike, high-resolution, dynamic sound quality will make you
forget you are listening to loudspeakers.

Hogtalare blue in Ikea

Designed to Blend in with
Sound that Stands Out

The simple yet modern design will blend seamlessly into your home decor, atop a shelf or mounted to a wall.  It is also proportioned to fit perfectly into any IKEA Kallax/Expedit shelving system.

Choose the right grille for you from the variety of subtle and vibrant colors.