Octave 6 Bookshelf

Reproducing  music like in a live performance – preserving tonal accuracy and dynamics.

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Based on Morel’s most advanced technology, the Octave 6 bookshelf utilizes a 6” mid-bass unit with an oversized 3” aluminum voice coil, a powerful Hybrid motor and a DPC cone for exceptional sound quality.
Morel’s renowned 1.1” (28 mm) Acuflex™ soft dome tweeter provides the company's signature sweet sound. The high quality components preserve the dynamics of the original sound as in a live performance for a tactile musical experience. The high quality components preserve the dynamics of the original sound as in a live performance.



Type 2-way freestanding high-end loudspeaker
Construction MDF polymer coated cabinet
Acoustical Loading Bass reflex with port located in line with centre of the woofer magnetNo internal damping.
Drive Units Woofer: 6″ (160mm) rear-vented system. Uniflow™ Aluminum die -cast chassis. Hybrid™ Neodymium & Ferrite magnet system. 3″ Large Hexatech™ aluminum voice coil. Titanium coil bobbin (former), One piece integrated dome and surround cone, made of damped polymer composite (DPC).
Tweeter: 1⅛” (28mm) Acuflex™ soft dome. Powerful Neodymium magnet system. Ferrofluid damped and cooled.Both drive units are shielded with low magnetic stray field
Frequency Response 20-22,000Hz (50-18,000Hz ± 1.5 dB)
Nominal Impedance 4 ohm
Nominal Power Handling 140W RMS
Peak Power Handling 1,000W 10m/sec
Sensitivity 1 W/1 M 89 dB
Crossover 2200 Hz / 12 dB octave
Dispersion Within 1.5 dB – 18,000 HzHorizontal: over 60°Vertical: over 20°
Dimension (WxHxD) 7.3” X 11.69” X 13.38” (14.44” with terminals)187mm X 297mm X 340mm (367 with terminals))
Weight 7.3 KG
Finish Black or white gloss piano finish


    A combination of creative vision and acoustic physics – get all the drama and dynamics of the original sound, for a tactile musical experience

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