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Month / June 2016

Morel sponsors 2016 Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook

We are once more the proud sponsors of the Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook, now available, it features Morel’s Power Slim 6 on the cover. For you hardcore audio enthusiasts, you know how valuable this book is. For those who’ve never browsed it, there’s a wealth of knowledge here. Click here  and view the virtual magazine online for FREE. […Read More]

SoundSpot SP-1 & SUB-8X apartment set up

Power Sound Automação Residencial from Brazil, shared their nice apartment installation. It features Morel’s SoundSpot™ SP-1 satellite speakers in piano black finish and the SUB-8X subwoofer. They said: “The sound system provides perfect fidelity with the best equipment on the market!” The SP-1 is Morel’s miniature half-sphere two way point source satellite speaker that delivers Morel’s quality sound […Read More]

1986 Porsche 911 now features Morel’s Elate speakers

This gem was brought to our dealer DSI Mobile Electronics for an audio upgrade. They chose to install Morel’s Elate speakers – here is why: “the client came to us after he had his Porsche completely overhauled with a custom built engine and exterior. He now wanted to improve his stereo so he can hear […Read More]

Our contest winner got his TEMPO ULTRA 602 set and told us..

Well, Brian S. from Wisconsin just got the TEMPO ULTRA 602 2-WAY set he won in our User Experience Video Contest. Here is what he said: “Thank you guys so much for an amazing set of speakers! Great craftsmanship and amazing sound!” Another input from Brian: “A little better view of the 6.5s. These guys […Read More]


What a day…! Just prefect to sit at the sea side and enjoy a cold drink with some BREEZ outdoor speakers playing fantastic music… a true holiday! Take a look at the Beach Bar Caesarea, Israel – a restaurant bar that is placed right at the edge of the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean […Read More]

Tempo Ultra Integra upgraded an 80’s Toyota FJ62 Land Cruiser

Musicar Northwest upgraded this Toyota FJ62 Land Cruiser in a way that compliments it’s 1980’s design principles. It now features Morel’s  Tempo Ultra Integra’s 602  (6.5″) system which provides great dynamics, soundstage orientation and neutrality. We were told that this car “was in desperate need of an audio system overhaul. The factory 4″ full-range speakers in the doors […Read More]

Can you find Morel speakers in this photo?

Did you manage to find out which Morel speakers are hiding in this image? Here is the answer – hiding behind the curtain is Morel’s SUB 8 subwoofer – kudos to those who spotted it! In the grey wall of this house in Jerusalem Israel, are Morel’s SOUNDWALL™ SURFACE HIDDEN IN-WALL speakers installed. Hard to […Read More]


This new Toyota Land Cruiser v8 features Morel’s TEMPO ULTRA 602 2-way component system and a pair of TEMPO ULTRA INTEGRA 6X9 speakers. The Tempo Ultra is designed for music aficionados who demand a great sonic performance and power while still getting tremendous overall value. Check it out. We would like to thank Sohail Autos […Read More]

Morel’s Hybrid 502 set in a classic CAMARO

Another classic making a gorgeous audio upgrade! This CAMARO installation was made by Joey and Jesse from Simplicity in Sound. It now features Mosconi amas2 Bluetooth streaming device as the only signal source to preserve the original dash. The Kick panels house Morel’s Hybrid 5″ woofer, while Morel’s Hybrid MT-230 tweeters are attached  on the pods […Read More]


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