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Month / November 2017

Crutchfield upgrading power with MPS 4.400 install review

Crutchfield Sept/Oct Discovery Book includes a great installation review by David Delamere about Morel new MPS 4.400 amplifier and Maximo speakers . They decided to upgrade David’s 2011 Subaru Outback basic audio system. “We chose the Morel MPS 4.400 4-channel amplifier which delivers 70 watts of clean power to the two pairs of Morel Maximo speakers […Read More]

Gold VII R Variant high-end audio project

S&L Car Audio GbR from Germany shared this wonderful Gold VII R Variant project. Featuring a high end sound system with its finest components from Morel Hifi, Brax, Helix, Match by Audiotec Fischer and Gladen Audio. This Golf is now equipped with our 38 Limited Edition 3-Way Active System for a new level of sound quality with incredible accuracy […Read More]

Ashkelon by Adam Vox equipped with all Morel drivers

Do you recall Adam Vox? He is a loudspeaker manufacture from Slovakia that utilizes only Morel drivers his products because of the “quality construction and excellent audio performance” as we were told. They just launched a new high-end 20 liter bass-reflex floor-standing speakers named Ashkelon (Named after one of the seaside cities in Israel). The speaker features […Read More]

Titanium drivers set in floor-standing speakers by Dave Cazden

“These speakers sound AMAZING! ” told us David Cazden, a longtime speaker designer that shared his all Morel titanium driver based floor-standing speakers. Incorporating: 2 X Morel TiCW 1258Ft subwoofers featuring  a 5.1″ Large Hexatech™ Aluminum voice coil, a titanium coil bobbin, the Morel  Uniflow™ Aluminum die-cast chassis driven by a high flux double Ferrite […Read More]

Netherlands 100% Tuning event with 4 Morel demo cars !

Busy times also in the Netherlands! 100% tuning event took place in Rotterdam, Netherlands  just two weeks ago, attracting about 45,000 visitors to the biggest Benelux tuning event. Our distributor Audio Upgrades presented Morel products on custom made demo-boards and had also 4 demo cars ! The VW UP  encompasses the MAXIMUS high efficacy speakers with […Read More]


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