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Another great review for the Virtus Nano 602 2-way component system!

From AUTONEWS.FR (France) reviewed by Alexandre Boillod-Cerneux

…for those who wish to perform a high-performance hi-fi system without making any serious modifications on the vehicle, the Virtus Nano 602 is an excellent choice.

Here are some more great highlights (translated from French):

Listening, the Virtus Nano 602 really seduced us. Honestly, knowing that we go on a flat woofer, we did not expect such a rendering. The sound is rich, well timbered, dynamic and especially warm.”


The woofer has a depth of only 17 mm, which will make it easy to mount in shallow locations or in kick-panel systems…This woofer has another big advantage: its low weight which will avoid vibrating the door fittings…. This woofer has a remarkable manufacturing quality. ”

Morel has given special care to the tweeter, so that it fits perfectly with the woofer and offers precise highs…. A tweeter that plays this low also has another advantage, when using the original slots: it keeps a good sound image, even if woofer and tweeter are very far away (ie: woofer in door and dashboard tweeter).

The woofer hides its game well, …Although it is very flat, it shows very good abilities in the low…. It is rhythmic, clean and warm. Even on modern music like “techno”, it is doing very well.

The kit holds power very well, when one wishes to have fun listening loudly.”

Read the full review here


Virtus Nano tweeter


Virtus Nano shallow woofer – only 17mm mounting depth!

Virtus Nano crossover

This review featured Virtus Nano 602 2-way component sytem


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