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BMW K1600 Bagger Bike gets a full Morel upgrade


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Our car audio distributor from Turkey, Aktepe Sound, just completed an installation on this amazing BMW K1600 bagger bike furnishing it with a complete Morel audio system.

It now features:

Speakers: Morel hybrid 402 component system. Some say that the Hybrid is one of the best sounding speaker systems Morel produces, its innovative 4″ slim woofer with a total mounting depth of merely 41.5mm (1.63″) makes for extra easy installation.

Subwoofer: 8″ Primo 804 subwoofer offer morel’s build and sound quality at an affordable cost.

Driven by: Morel mps4.400 amplifier, this 4-channel amp is designed to be exceptionally musical and dynamic, with clean, uncolored power that can drive speakers to their full sonic potential, even on a bike!

What an amazing package!

Thank you Osman from Aktepe Sound for sharing this with us.

Moreol’s 8″ Primo 804 subwoofer

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