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Morel is now a Global Sponsor of EMMA


We are proud to announce that Morel is now a Global Sponsor of EMMA (European Mobile Media Association).

Morel is very proud to take-part and sponsor this wonderful organization,” Mr. Nir Paz, Morel VP Sales & Marketing states. “It seems very natural to collaborate and support EMMA’s activities worldwide and promote the passion for music and more specifically, car audio. We are committed to work together with EMMA to promote our shared values around the world with our fans.” Mr. Paz concludes.

I am excited to welcome back Morel as one of our Global Sponsors. Morel’s high end products will be a tremendous asset to our members around the world.  Morel’s inclusion as a global sponsor also reaffirms EMMA’s commitment to sound quality events.” Says Alexander Klett, president of EMMA.

Look forward to a great year with some amazing competitions!

If you would like to be a Team Morel competitor and need global support or promotional materials – please send us an e-mail to: [email protected]

About EMMA – Founded in 2000, EMMA has successfully emerged to a huge community of Mobile Media Enthusiasts, Top-Class Mobile Media Specialists as well as committed Entrepreneurs. It is now established in more than 40 countries worldwide and holds more than 300 events with more than 20,000 cars competing. EMMA has consistently focused on providing a neutral, trend-setting platform to promote and carry the fascinating world of custom made mobile media installations to consumers. Professional training center – the EMMA Academy – offers both beginning and advanced courses and hands-on trainings for dealers, installers and mobile media aficionados. The main benefit for the industry is EMMA’s independence.

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