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Designed to provide performance worthy of the name, Morel is proud to introduce the Morel Performance Series (MPS) amplifiers. The MPS amplifiers are the result of an extensive investment in design and testing to produce a series of products with exceptional refinement and features that make them easy to integrate with any mobile sound system.

The Morel Performance Series Family

The MPS amplifiers include three models – a four-channel class AB system amplifier, mono Class D subwoofer amplifier and five-channel system amplifier. The amplifiers are constructed around an extruded aluminum heat sink with a matte black finish. The mass of the heatsink and integrated cooling fins provide excellent thermal management without the need for noisy fans. The open design of the end-caps allows air to flow through the amplifier chassis for additional cooling.

All connections are located on the front of the amps to allow for tidy installations and protection from damage. A removable aluminum trim panel on the top edge of the amplifiers conceals the adjustments and controls. The single-sided connections and covered controls give the amps a genuinely bespoke appearance once installed.

Signal Processing and Integration Features

Every MPS amplifiers includes a three turn-on mode to facilitate straightforward and reliable integration with factory and aftermarket source units. A selector switch on the top panel will allow the installer to choose from the remote input terminal, DC offset detection or signal detection. The front panel of the amplifiers includes an input signal voltage range button that selects between the 200 mV to 5 V or 400 mV to 10 V of input signal range on the full range channels and 200 mV to 5 V or 800 mV to 20 V for the subwoofer channels.

The amplifiers include adjustable crossovers for all channels. The full-range channels can be filtered from 40 to 400 Hz in high- or low-pass configurations with a 12 dB/octave filter. Subwoofer channels are always filtered with a 12 dB/octave low-pass crossover that can be set between 40 and 220 Hz. Subwoofer channels also feature an adjustable 0-12 dB bass boost centered at 45 Hz and an infrasonic filter that can be set to 35 Hz, 25 Hz or turned off. Finally, the optional MPS-R1 remote level control provides 20 dB of adjustment range for subwoofer channels. Each pair of full-range channels can be bridged to provide up to 200 watts into a single 4-ohm load. Bridging allows for high-power two- and three-channel configurations.

The four-channel and five-channel amps include signal routing features that eliminate the need for Y cables. The MPS 4.400 has a 2 CH/4 CH Input Mode selector that will replicate the signal connected to Input A to Input B. The five-channel MPS 5.950 has the same control for the four main channels and a separate button to select the signal source for the subwoofer channel.

When the Subwoofer Mode is set to 4 CH, the amp will combine signals from Inputs A and B. When set to SUB, only the SUB inputs are used to drive the subwoofer channel. All three amplifiers include built-in protection circuitry to guard against over-current, short-circuit and over-temperature conditions. A red LED above the blue power LED on the side panel will illuminate when the protection circuit has detected a fault. The high-speed protection circuitry negates the need for power-robbing onboard fusi

Power and Speaker Connections

Fully enclosed terminal blocks are provided for power and speaker connections. The power connections will accept 4 AWG wire, while the speaker connections will handle 10 AWG. All terminals use angled hex-head set screws for excellent reliability.

Circuit Design and Components

Morel has implemented several features to maximize the sonic performance of the Performance Series amplifiers. High-slew-rate Texas Instruments op-amps and high-tolerance surface mount components help maintain inter-channel accuracy and sonic purity. All three amplifiers include differential inputs to reject noise that may have been imposed on the RCA interconnects.

Premium Amplifier Solutions

Morel’s choice of mono, four-channel and five-channel amplifier configurations ensures that the MPS amplifiers will cover almost every sound system design. Their compact size, premium components and audiophile design make them the perfect complement to Morel’s amazing speakers. Morel stands behind the MPS amps with a two-year warranty when installed by an authorized dealer.

Contact your local authorized Morel dealer for more information on the MPS amplifiers and to schedule an audition.

MODELMPS 1.550MPS 4.400MPS 5.950
4 Ohm power1 x 350W 4 x 70W
4 x 70W + 1 x 350W
2 Ohm power
1 x550W

4 x100W

4 x 1000W + 1 x 550W
Main Channels BridgedN/A
2 x 200W

2 x 200W
Dimensions (H x W x L)2 X 6.7 X 8.44 inches
2 X 6.7 X 12.39 inches

2 X 6.7 X 18.39 inches

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