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Morel is to strengthen its presence in China and the Asian market


For over 2 decades Morel has been actively developing and selling its home and car audio products in China and other Asian markets. “The decision to establish an office in China is part of a long-term strategy to solidify our presence in China and other Asian markets and improve our ability to react to market changes as well as capitalize on various business opportunities that constantly come our way,” states Mr. Oren Mordechai, Morel CEO.

The Chinese market has been one of Morel’s top markets for the past 5 years as it is the fastest growing car market in the world.  It is increasingly becoming more important, especially with the recently launched partnership with Geely Automotive, which integrated a Morel branded sound system in the newly released BoYue SUV.  “We are proud of the work we have accomplished and the great partners we had to get us to where we are today. Increasing our involvement in the market will allow us to better serve our customers and most importantly deliver better products than ever before,” Says Mr. Nir Paz, VP Sales and Business Development.

Our after-market car audio division will be spearheaded by Mr. Zhang Yong, an outstanding executive with a stellar track record of 15 years of experience and passion for car audio.   Mr. Zhang Yong will have a large supporting team that will ensure that Morel will retain its position as the best and leading car audio brand in China.

Our home audio division will be managed by Mr. Robin Hu, an over 20 years veteran of the industry that brings invaluable experience and insights of the market. He will be managing a team of professionals that will assist him in establishing the Morel brand in the Hi-Fi market segment. “Our goal is to create higher awareness and to create exposure to the end users that never heard about Morel brand before, with the newly formed office in China we can create this impact better than before.” said Mr. Hu.

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