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Morel wins CTA 2018 Innovations award for NOMADIC AUDIO SPEAKASE


CES 2018 – Its time to reveal our surprise debut!

Morel launches the NOMADIC AUDIO SPEKASE and wins the 2018 CTA Innovations award! In the portable media players & accessories category.

While nowadays music is available from any portable device, full- scale true high fidelity sound is still reserved to traditional stationary speakers. Now, with NOMADIC AUDIO SPEAKASE also your music’s Hi-Fi quality travels with you.

Whether I’m headed to a conference, a bachelor party, or on vacation, I would love to have not only my music but also its high quality sound travel with me” says Oren Mordechai, Morel’s CEO and head of R&D.

Nomadic Audio Speakase was designed just for that. It is a fashionable carry-on trolley with a built-in Hi-Fi portable Bluetooth speaker system. Combining the latest transducer and acoustic engineering with innovative industrial design. It offers you a life-like, rich and dynamic sonic experience coupled with deep quality bass sound.

Get all the details HERE 

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