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Netherlands 100% Tuning event with 4 Morel demo cars!


Busy times also in the Netherlands!

100% tuning event took place in Rotterdam, Netherlands  just two weeks ago, attracting about 45,000 visitors to the biggest Benelux tuning event.

Our distributor Audio Upgrades presented Morel products on custom made demo-boards and had also 4 demo cars !

The VW UP  encompasses the MAXIMUS high efficacy speakers with a high efficiency hybrid magnet motor delivering lively bass and a powerful overall performance.

The BMW 3 series incorporates Morel’s HYBRID 402, with an unconventional, innovative and highly effective Hybrid magnet motor and a slim 4″ woofer. The car also features new BMW brackets and ULTIMO TITANIUM 8” sub, equipped with Morel’s most advanced, cutting–edge technology. Its titanium voice coil former improves the dynamics of the driver for even quicker transient response, with lower distortion and increased power handling. All powered by phoenix Gold amps

A VW Golf R32 is equipped with Morel’s ELATE 903 3-way component system delivers precision, musicality and high power capability. It is complemented by the ULTIMO TITANIUM 12” subwoofer for that extra bass power, with tight, controlled musicality and life-like deep bass reproduction.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has the EALTE 602 2-way component system set in the original factory location and 4 X  ULTIMO TITANIUM 12″ subwoofers  for the he ultimate bass experience.  Powered by Helix V8 and SPRLX1000 amplifiers.

We would like to thank Herwin Esselbrugge, from Audio Upgrades and the whole team for all the great work !

Thank you –Audio Upgrades!

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