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Read the new PASMAG MPS 4.400 amplifier review


Just released: PASMAG  (Performance Auto Sound Magazine) MPS 4.400 amplifier review by Garry Springgay.

Here are some highlights quoted from the review:

“…for the Morel brand, “decent” performance simply isn’t good enough. Morel has developed an enviable reputation for producing some of the best possible sounding gear on the planet, while remaining in the affordable price category.”

“Inside the amplifier, there are audiophile grade components throughout, with high fidelity Texas Instrument op-amps and ultralow tolerance surface-mount parts.”

“…music was reproduced with a smooth natural-sounding midrange, a large soundstage, and very articulate and controlled bass.

“The MPS 4.400 produces exceptional sound for the money, characterized by low noise, a natural timbre with great transparency, and a well-controlled bottom end….…can definitely hang with other very high fidelity components…’


Sometimes it pays to look outside the current trend or norm and take a more thoroughly developed and proven path. That’s exactly the case with the Morel MPS 4.400 amplifier. Rather than simply follow a popular trend, the folks at Morel used their ears and their ethics to produce a product that has a minimum amount of compromise. The end result is an amplifier that anyone would be happy to listen to for many years, because unlike the latest fad, good sounding music never goes out of style.”READ the full review here! 

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