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Titanium drivers set in floor-standing speakers by Dave Cazden


“These speakers sound AMAZING! ” told us David Cazden, a longtime speaker designer that shared his all Morel titanium driver based floor-standing speakers.


2 X Morel TiCW 1258Ft subwoofers featuring  a 5.1″ Large Hexatech™ Aluminum voice coil, a titanium coil bobbin, the Morel  Uniflow™ Aluminum die-cast chassis driven by a high flux double Ferrite magnet system. The subs are  set in a sealed box.

2 X Morel TSCM 634 midrange speakers that feature a Carbon fiber/Rohacell/Carbon fiber composite sandwich cone, 3″ Large Hexatech™ Aluminum underhung voice coil, Hybrid™ Neodymium/Ferrite magnet and more. Providing high power handling and a very wide dispersion. The TSCM 634 are hooked in series with one TSCT1104 Titanium Supreme soft dome tweeter. It  features 2.1″ Large Hexatech™ Aluminum underhung voice coil,  Neodymium flat pancake magnet, 110 mm IDR™ (Improved Dispersion Recess) and more.

Check out Dave’s setup

Dave also told us the cabinets were custom made and he developed  a 26 element 4th order crossover.

Thank you Dave for sharing this with us!

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