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TR Tuning Fest in Turkey with three MOREL demo cars


It was a very busy September. Morel  was the sponsor of the TR Tuning Fest via our distributor in Turkey, Aktepe Elektronik Ltd. STI, who did a great job and shared some wonderful photos of the event. We were told it was a great turn out and the 3 Morel demo cars were the center of attention in the whole event.

The red hot Bmw F30 3 Series has a HYBRID 402 2-way component set with a 4″ slim woofer that has a total mounting depth of merely 41.5mm (1.63″) for extra easy installation.

The Porsche Panemera features ELATE 903 3-way component set and the PRIMO 10″ subwoofer

The Opel Astra J has VIRTUS 603 3-way set and VIRTUS 602 2-way set and two PRIMO 12″ subwoofers

Bmw F30 3 Series featuring HYBRID 402 2-way component set
Opel Astra J

Features VIRTUS 603 3-way set and VIRTUS 602 2-way set and two PRIMO 12″ subwoofers

Porsche Panamera

Features ELATE 903 3-way component set and the PRIMO 10″ subwoofer

Morel Turkey, Aktepe sound, with USA IASCA representative referee
Opel Astra J

Thank you for sharing !

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