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Morel / Raw Drivers

Ashkelon by Adam Vox equipped with all Morel drivers

Do you recall Adam Vox? He is a loudspeaker manufacture from Slovakia that utilizes only Morel drivers his products because of the “quality construction and excellent audio performance” as we were told. They just launched a new high-end 20 liter bass-reflex floor-standing speakers named Ashkelon (Named after one of the seaside cities in Israel). The speaker features […Read More]

Titanium drivers set in floor-standing speakers by Dave Cazden

“These speakers sound AMAZING! ” told us David Cazden, a longtime speaker designer that shared his all Morel titanium driver based floor-standing speakers. Incorporating: 2 X Morel TiCW 1258Ft subwoofers featuring  a 5.1″ Large Hexatech™ Aluminum voice coil, a titanium coil bobbin, the Morel  Uniflow™ Aluminum die-cast chassis driven by a high flux double Ferrite […Read More]

Morel raw drivers in Vao Zero compact monitor

Just released by VaoDesign the new compact monitor VaoZero featuring Morel’s raw drivers TSCW636 woofer from the titanium line and ST1108 tweeter from the Supreme line. The TSCW636 woofer features carbon fibre composite sandwich cone, aluminum die-cast chassis a titanium bobbin, and aluminum voice coil. Completing this is the ST-1108 Acuflex™ soft dome tweeter with a large […Read More]

StoneSpeakers with all Morel drivers!

Now this is a rock solid project! Gastaldello Michele, a family tradition stonecutter and Munari Giacomo, a mechatronics engineer are two friends with a great passion for hi-end systems and music. They started this project 5 years ago, naming thier company  StoneSpeakers. Together they created a 4-way floor-standing speaker system constructed of handmade natural stone named […Read More]

SCM-634 & ST-1048 featured in Aleph bookshelf speakers

A while ago we wrote about Konforti Audio, a boutique speaker manufacturer based in Brazil that makes products built around premium Morel carbon fiber Supreme Series drivers. Their ALEPH bookshelf speakers received recently a favorite review from DTOWN – a leading site for reviews, news and a gateway to the world technology and entertainment in […Read More]


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