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Dreams of sounds and glue and batteries – Jerusalem Post

Read the interview with Morel’s founder Meir Mordechai published in the Jerusalem Post Journal written and photographed by FRANZISKA KNUPPER. Here are some wonderful highlights and quotes: Titled: Dreams of sounds and glue and batteries “Morel speakers are manufactured by hand. The result: High-end, gourmet sounds from a lotus flower.” “It is the human touch that […Read More]

Read the new PASMAG MPS 4.400 amplifier review

Just released: PASMAG  (Performance Auto Sound Magazine) MPS 4.400 amplifier review by Garry Springgay. Here are some highlights quoted from the review: “…for the Morel brand, “decent” performance simply isn’t good enough. Morel has developed an enviable reputation for producing some of the best possible sounding gear on the planet, while remaining in the affordable […Read More]

Solan V2 named jewels of Israel

Morel’s Solan V2 was just reviewed by FULL RANGE Passion Audio Community magazine from Korea. Here are a few highlights: Listening test playing “I love you” in Woongsan, – ” their sound is very precise due to their crossover technology, and the vocals are very luxurious… Listening test playing  Marcus Miller’s electric bass – “Thanks to […Read More]


Another great review for the Virtus Nano 602 2-way component system! From AUTONEWS.FR (France) reviewed by Alexandre Boillod-Cerneux “…for those who wish to perform a high-performance hi-fi system without making any serious modifications on the vehicle, the Virtus Nano 602 is an excellent choice.” Here are some more great highlights (translated from French): “Listening, the Virtus Nano […Read More]

CePro Review: Morel SoundWall™ Surface Speakers Install Easy!

CE Pro tested the Morel SoundWall™ Surface Speakers and the LCR  modular in-wall soundbar on their own Dax Tarantino’s home renovation. Bob Archer, CePro’s product editor, took the opportunity to install the speakers  in Tarantino’s home while the walls were open to experience the install process and performance of the products. “The Morel speakers delivered […Read More]

Fresh! Virtus Nano 602 review by Performance Audio Sound Magazine

Just released our VIRTUS NANO 602 2-way component system Performance Audio Sound Magazine review by Garry Springgay. Here are some great highlights: “This is indeed a real high fidelity system, and performs better than some popular home bookshelf systems I have heard.” “Overall, the sonics of the system were simply natural and open sounding, as […Read More]

Morel’s SOPRAN an outrageous speaker by Techhive.com CES 2017

Tehchhive.com recently released their CES 2017 report naming  Morel’s new version SOPRAN floor-standing speaker  as one of the 13 outrageous speakers that “blew them away” at the  show. “”Morel’s Sopran speaker isn’t new, but its in its second generation…well more like a revision…The Sopran offers up warm, resonant mids without compromising on bass or high performance. Every part of […Read More]

The innovation behind Morel’s handmade speakers and subs

” What makes this legendary brand so cutting edge? “ by Crutchfield’s Alexander Hrabe Read the full Crutchfield review about 5 of Morel’s innovative technologies “that make their speakers sound so “live”-like.” Here are some highlights: “If you’re serious about sound quality in your vehicle, Morel should be a top consideration. Their approach to build and design […Read More]

Listen to this: Morel Maximus distance test

DC-TECH, our distributor from Auckland New-Zeleand shared this video with us and we thought it is truly cool!!! DC-TECH  dealer, Lance from ML Audio located in Wellington, New-Zealand made some distance test videos of Morel’s Maximus 2-way component system running simply off the Headunit. As DC-TECH stated: “We think if  (Lance)  had to walk any further to […Read More]

Crutchfield’s review – Tempo Ultra and Tempo Ultra Integra

Check out this video review recently released by Crutchfield about Morel’s TEMPO ULTRA and TEMPO ULTRA INTEGRA car audio speakers. ” For anyone who wants really high fidelity sound on the road…they deliver a truly amazing audio experience… their impressive engineering and sound make them Morel’s best selling speakers” CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REVIEW  


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