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Crutchfield Sept/Oct Discovery Book includes a great installation review by David Delamere about Morel new MPS 4.400 amplifier and Maximo speakers .

They decided to upgrade David’s 2011 Subaru Outback basic audio system.

“We chose the Morel MPS 4.400 4-channel amplifier which delivers 70 watts of clean power to the two pairs of Morel Maximo speakers we installed.”

“With this new system, I now look for any excuse to take a long drive.” Said the writer of this review, David Delamere

I cranked up the same songs we’d heard hours before. Wow! We all agreed there was a massive difference in depth and detail. I’d relay my editor’s immediate, enthusiastic response, but let’s just say it’s not fit for a family publication!” David summed it up.

Read the full review here

Crutchfiled mps amp install review cover

MPS 4400 amplifer 3D view

Morel MPS 4400 top without panel

MPS 4.400 amplifier



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