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Our car audio distributor in Poland, „Sonia Draga” shared with us a great Mercedes-Benz G Class installation by their dealer Clear Sound. It incorporates Morel’s Elate 903 3-way component system (with 9″ woofers) for front stage and Elate 603 3-way system (with 6″ woofers) at the rear.  The Elate series is known for delivering a soundstage with astounding transparency and imaging, as well as being musical and dynamic.

We were told the comment they received were “Beautiful sound, beautiful workmanship!” Enjoy!

Thank you Anna from „Sonia Draga” for sharing this great installation with us.

Ealte 903 install in Mercedes-benz 1

Elate  903 in Bentz 2

Elate 903 woofer door prep  in Bentz 3

Elate 903 woofer 2nd door prep in Benz 4

Elate 9" woofer in the door of Benz 5

Elate in Benz 6 inner doors

Inner of Benz G Class 6

Elate in Benz 8

Elate crossover set up in Benz 9

Ealte 903 install in Mercedes-benz 1

This installation featured Elate 903  and  Elate 603 3-way component systems.



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