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Just released our VIRTUS NANO 602 2-way component system Performance Audio Sound Magazine review by Garry Springgay.

Here are some great highlights:

This is indeed a real high fidelity system, and performs better than some popular home bookshelf systems I have heard.”

“Overall, the sonics of the system were simply natural and open sounding, as if the performer was standing right there in front of you. No harshness, yet nothing was missing either. Every nuance and bit of air and space in the recording was evident. I ended up staying late and listening to these speakers for several hours longer than normal.”

“…these speakers had moved to the top of my recommended list for anyone needing a two-way 6.5-inch system, regardless of if they had room for much deeper speakers or not. I almost never do this, but I will say that the Morel VIRTUS NANO 602s are easily among the top five best systems of the type I have ever had the pleasure to evaluate – and I’ll remind you that I’ve been doing this for almost 40 years. They are that good.”

The review conclusion:

The speakers are easily the shallowest mount 6.5/6.75-inch speakers I’ve ever seen, and the sonic performance is simply staggeringthis has got to be some of the best value in high fidelity componentry out there right now. Plus the fact they will fit in anything with the right size hole, or kick panels, or anywhere your creativity comes up with.”

Read the full  here!




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