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Morel announces its newly formed partnership with Crutchfield to offer its car audio speaker range over Crutchfield’s online platform.
“Changes in consumer buying behavior made it clear to us that Morel needs to offer consumers the opportunity to buy our products online. Our insistence to partner with a technically and customer service
oriented company led us to Crutchfield,” says Nir Paz, Morel’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “It was important for us to ensure that we partner with a company that shares our values and has the ability to
create a high consumer value for the products they sell through superb customer service and support,”
concludes Mr. Paz.

“Crutchfield customers demand and deserve the best experiences when they buy electronics,” said Carl Mathews, Crutchfield’s Senior Director of Mobile. “It’s hard to imagine a better experience than pairing
the superb sound quality of Morel speakers with the enthusiasm of the helpful advisors and support staff at Crutchfield.”

With the visibility Crutchfield provides through its online and mail order channels, Morel expects its core business with brick and mortar retailers to also see a substantial boost in inquiries and sales. As a dedicated
partner, Crutchfield is also enthusiastic to maintain the high value standards Morel has set forth with its current retail base to further reinforce the brand image and profitability.

Morel’s car audio range is now available  on Crutchfield’s site – click here

Crutchfield 650


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