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Morel Speakers and Acudamp Sound Deadening Make Your Car Stereo Louder without an Amplifier


If you were intrigued by the title of this article, it is very likely you’ve cranked up the volume on your car radio when one of your favorite songs was playing. If you have a car audio system that includes amplifiers, there shouldn’t be any problem listening to your music at near rock-concert volume levels. However, if you only have a radio producing only 18 to 20 watts of power, your system might be limited in how loudly it will play without producing significant distortion. Let’s talk about a few things you can do to make your car stereo louder without an amplifier.

Choose a Morel Speaker to Match Your Power

Different speaker designs are optimized for different performance characteristics. The Morel Elate Carbon Pro 62A is a 6.5-inch component set designed to reproduce music with class-leading clarity and detail. With that said, they sound best when driven with a high-power, high-fidelity amplifier like our MPS 2.150 Limited.

If your audio system doesn’t have a large amplifier, a speaker solution like the Maximo Ultra 602HE MKII might be the better choice. We’ve optimized its design to increase efficiency while maintaining impressive accuracy. The speakers in this set produce 5 to 6 dB more output than their big brothers at low power levels. They can’t handle as much power as the Elate Carbons, so their maximum output isn’t as high. If you don’t have an amplifier, they are a great choice to increase the volume level and sound performance of your car’s audio system.

Upgrade Your Speaker Installation with Morel Acudamp Deadening

A common issue that limits maximum audio system performance is a less-than-optimal speaker installation. Unlike home audio systems where woofers, midrange drivers and tweeters are mounted in bespoke cabinets, car audio speakers need proper installation to sound their best and function reliably.

If you want every ounce of performance possible from your car speaker upgrade, we recommend having high-performance sound-deadening material installed. Morel recently released a line of premium sound-deadening products named Acudamp. You can choose from two thicknesses of constrained two-layer (butyl and aluminum) damping products with our 2.1 mm MAT-221.10, and the ultra-premium 2.7 mm MAT-227.8. Our MAT-345.5 is 4.5 mm thick and adds a layer of closed-cell foam to the top to serve as a noise barrier and to reduce buzzes and rattles from wire harnesses or lock rods in the door.

Morel's Acudamp series MAt 227.8, MAT 345.5 Mat 221.10

Sound deadening can be installed in many ways to improve performance. A single sheet attached to the metal door skin and around the speaker acts like a gasket to ensure an airtight seal. The added mass of the deadening can improve the speaker’s perceived bass output and midrange accuracy. The ideal installation involves sealing any openings in the inner door skin with sound deadening to transform the door cavity into a speaker enclosure. We’ve seen bass and midbass output increases of almost 10 dB when the entire inner door surface is sealed. Your installer can apply deadening to the outer door skin to help reduce noise transfer into the vehicle. When the vehicle is quieter, you can hear your music more easily, and it will be clearer and more detailed. All of our sound-deadening solutions work exceptionally well on the floors, firewall, roof, fenders, trunk or hatch of your vehicle to reduce noise and prevent vibrations.

Morel is also introducing the Acudamp MAT-SPK6 kit designed seal the space between the speaker mounting surface and the door trim panel. The kit includes six waterproof closed-cell foam strips to mount around the door speakers. These strips seal against the door panel to focus all the sound energy into the vehicle’s interior rather than allowing it to echo inside the door panel. Once again, this upgrade will increase the efficiency and clarity of your sound system and potentially reduce noise and distortion caused by the door trim panel vibrating. The kit also includes foam pads that can be mounted behind the speakers on the outer door skins to help break up the back wave inside the door cavity.

Morel Acudamp MAT SKP6  around a morel speaker - designed to seal the space between the speaker mounting surface and the door trim panel.

Expert Installation Yields Premium Results

Morel suggests having an expert mobile electronics technician install your speakers. They have the tools, training and experience to ensure that everything is mounted correctly, wired properly and configured for the best possible performance. You can find an authorized Morel retailer near you by visiting the dealer locator. When you combine premium installation, proper sound-deadening materials and efficient speakers, your car stereo will play much louder without adding an amplifier and sound amazing!

Acudamp MAT 227.8, MAT345.5 and MAT SPK6 installed by Fhrx Studios – Australia in a 𝗡𝗶𝘀𝘀𝗮𝗻 𝟮𝟬𝟬𝗦𝗫

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