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Morel is the proud sponsor of the Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook 2018. Featured on the cover is Morel’s new upcoming TweeMid. A remarkable new 2 in 1 solution tweeter + midrange.

For you hardcore audio enthusiasts, you know how valuable this book is. For those who’ve never browsed it, there’s a wealth of knowledge here.

The 2018 edition contains a complete series of must-read articles for anyone in the audio industry. Combining the editorial resources of the monthly publications, audioXpress and Voice Coil, LIS 2018 contains cutting-ege articles from some of the finest industry leaders, interviews with audio professionals on trending industry topics, and annual industry reports about the state of the industry.

You can find a Q&A made with Oren Mordehcai, Morel’s CEO and Head of R&D (page 170-171).

The LIS 2018 is now available in print and online – Here

LIS 2018 cover page


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