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EMMA Eurofinals 2018 which took place in Salzburg Austria this past weekend, was a great success for MOREL. Team Russia dominated the event with 17 cars and 7 trophies.

Sergey who has been competing in the Ultimated X category in sound quality and multimedia, won 1st place in both categories for the second year in a row.

It is an incredible achievement to win these categories, but doing so for 2 years in a row is extraordinary.

Sergey is part of Morel’s Team Russia that came to the EMMA EUROFINALS with 17 cars and over 40 people. It was a great honor for us to meet them all at the event.

Sergey’s non compromising approach to sound quality and installation techniques is something to admire. His passion for music and car audio are one of a kind. The Morel family is honored to have him and all of the other competitors that displayed amazing work and dedication during the 2018 EMMA EUROFINALS in our team.

Thank you all who visited us at the EMMA EUROFINALS 2018 we look forward to a wonderful year!

EMMA EMMA EUROFINALS 2018- Mitzubishi car 1 prize winner

EMMA EUROFINALS 2018 - winning 1st place 2 category

EMMA EUROFINALS 2018 winner - Seregy Dubnin

Sergey Dubnin from MOREL TEAM RUSSIA – with the 2 trophies

EMMA EUROFINALS 2018 winner + car + Morel

Sergey Dubnin (right) Nir Paz, Morel VP of Sales and Business development (center),

EMMA EUROFINALS 2018 team Russia

Part of TEAM RUSSIA with More’s VP sales and business development, Mr. Nir Paz.

EMMA EUROFINALS 2018 all winners








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