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Morel’s SoundWall in-wall speakers just received the Editors Favorite Top Picks Of The Year Award by Sound & Vision magazine.

The SoundWall™ LCR4 SW in-wall  soundbar modular system and the SoundWall™ Surface semi-invisible speakers  were reviewed by Darryl Wilkinson who wrote: “… the SoundWalls kicked some ass, took names, and then kicked some more ass just to make sure the names were spelled correctly.

With the SoundWall LCR4 SW and the SoundWall Surface SH17C, Morel has created a series of speakers that can be used in a variety of configurations and locations. What’s more, they’re unobtrusive and embarrassingly easy to install, and they sound great, especially the SH17C, which really stole the show and has become—for now—my new favorite in-wall speaker.”

His verdict:

“If you like simplicity and hate seeing speakers, but demand high performance for music and movies, these SoundWalls may be what you’ve been waiting for.”

Discover the SoundWall™ LCR4 SW  and SoundWall Surface SH17C 

Read the full review

SoundWall™ LCR4 SW  and SoundWall Surface  


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