38 LIMITED EDITION 2-way / 3-way
38 LIMITED EDITION 2-way / 3-way Array

The 38 LE marks a new level of sound quality combining incredible accurate audio reproduction with exceptional musicality.

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The new 38 Anniversary Limited Edition system is the culmination of over three decades of R&D and manufacturing expertise, marking the next evolution for high-end car audio.
What sets this speaker system apart from the competition? It starts with the materials, like the titanium voice coils (in the woofers), and carbon fibre/Rohacell sandwich cones and machined aluminum face plates for the tweeter and midrange. Add the advanced crossover with top quality components and Lotus grille and you begin to see why the 38 is a CEA 2014 Innovations Award recipient.

This speaker set embodies some of our best ideas brought to life. With a specially designed new Uniflow™ Air technology that can provide increased air and sound flow in the woofer (up to four times more than in previous Morel drivers), the 38 has an open and aerodynamic chassis and magnet system design that reduces inter-modulation distortion, stretching the neodymium high grade magnet segment even further.

The 38 LE marks a new level of sound quality with incredible accuracy in audio reproduction combined with exceptional musicality. This set, available as a 2- or 3-way system, was designed to perform well on- or off-axis, and delivers what you would expect to hear from speakers of this stature—a beautifully natural, dynamic and articulated sound, placing the listener in the best seat in the house for an emotionally engaging life-like experience.


One-piece Carbon cone
Hexatech™ aluminum VC
EVC™ structure
Acuflex™ coated -Midrange & tweeter
Neodymium Magnet motor
Titanium former -woofer
Shielded Magnet
New crossover
C.A.R. Filter™
Uniflow™ Air Chassis technology
Low resonance rear cavity -Midrange & Tweeter
Silver-plated Van Den Hul linear crystal wire -Midrange terminal
Lotus Grille
Extra Large 3” voice coil


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