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The Ultimate Portable Speaker: BIGGIE - Small in Size, Big on Sound!

Unleashing the power of style and sound, our iconic Hogtalare minimalistic design and the latest BT BLE wireless technology.


Bespoke engineering

At the heart of the BIGGIE’s portable speaker system is its precision-crafted drive units. The 2-way configuration bass reflex system incorporates a 4″ custom-made woofer with high excursion to ensure that the bass frequencies are reproduced accurately and with great depth. Complemented by Morel’s renowned 25mm (1-inch) soft dome tweeter, it reproduces high frequencies with exceptional clarity and detail without any harshness or distortion for a well-tonally balanced accuracy across the entire frequency spectrum, providing a truly immersive listening experience.

Small in size, big on sound!

We proudly announce the latest addition to our lifestyle Högtalare series: the BIGGIE. Despite its name, the BIGGIE is a small, portable wireless hi-fi speaker that measures only 18×18 cm (7X7 inches). This little speaker takes after its larger sibling’s (Högtalare) modern square design and packs a powerful punch with its tremendous depth of sound that promises to leave you in awe.

Sound Perfection: Advance DSP and Dynamic EQ 

The BIGGIE uses customized DSP technology to optimize its sound quality. This DSP allows Morel’s acoustic engineers to configure a dynamic EQ, which continually adjusts according to the set listening volume to create a well-balanced and natural sound free from distortion and coloration.

Cutting Edge Connectivity and Portability

The BIGGIE incorporates the latest Bluetooth 5.3 BLE technology, which allows the speaker to be portable up to 100 meters (330 ft) and provides an uninterrupted listening experience without dropouts or interruptions. This advanced technology significantly improves wireless coverage and reliability, making it perfect for indoor events and any room in your home.

In addition to its long-range capabilities, the BIGGIE also supports advanced features, such as TWS pairing and multi-speaker connection (available with the release of the APP late 2023), which allows two speakers to be paired wirelessly to create a stereo soundstage. With a battery life of up to 20 hours of playtime, you can enjoy your music all day long without interruptions.

Iconic Minimalist Design and a Touch of Personality

The BIGGIE’s sleek and modern design is both minimalist and stylish, seamlessly fitting into any modern home style. Its compact square shape continues its sibling’s, the HÖGTALARE, design but in a smaller version, making it easy to fit into any room or space. The leather-like (animal-friendly) handle adds to its portability, allowing you to move it from place to place with ease. The BIGGIE is available in seven fun colors that can match any décor and add a touch of personality to your audio experience, including black, white, red, dark blue, light blue, olive green, and turquoise.