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A miniature half-sphere two way point source satellite speaker – Morel’s quality sound in the smallest package

SP-1 pair black and white

Miniature half-sphere design

The SoundSpot™ SP-1 is a discreetly designed miniature half-sphere two-way point source satellite speaker. Its half-sphere enclosure is constructed of a 1mm thick steel that houses a 3½” (85mm) coaxial driver with ¾” (20mm) high-temperature voice coil for the mid/woofer unit, and a ferrite magnet system. The tweeter is a semi-soft, polymer, ½” (12mm) liquid-cooled voice coil, and neodymium magnet motor.

Quality sound – small package

The SoundSpot™ SP-1 is designed to deliver Morel quality sound in the smallest package. As part of a 5.1 home cinema system the SP-1 delivers a surprisingly “big” powerful sound.

SP-1 composition

Easy installation

The clever satellite pivoting base turns 180 degrees and enables on-wall, on-ceiling, and on-shelf placement offering installation flexibility. Can also be used with high-performance computers where its lively articulate sound takes full advantage of modern computer sound cards.

*Sold as a set of 5 pcs.