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SoundWall LCR In-wall Soundbar Modular System


Integrated in-wall soundbar created to compliment today’s ultra-slim televisions with a sleek, Hi-fi audio solution. Cost-effective, adapts to various screen size, modular easy installation

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Innovative adptable in-wall soundbar

Designed with a slim form factor and featuring an easy installation process, this new in-wall soundbar is can adapt to various screen sizes, filling the void currently present in the market.

Physical limitations make developing a true high-fidelity soundbar solution extremely difficult with modern speaker designs. Overcoming these hurdles made Morel invest in intensive research to develop the first modular, in-wall LCR soundbar.

The Soundwall™ LCR modular in-wall system is an integrated in-wall speaker that offers up to four high-fidelity sound system configurations for home theater and stereo applications with an innovative modular installation system.

“If you like simplicity and hate seeing speakers,
but demand high performance for music and movies, these SoundWalls
may be what you’ve been waiting for…unobtrusive and embarrassingly easy to install, and they sound great!” SOUND & VISION

“Using the most advanced transducer technology provides a high-fidelity
sound reproduction in a product category that is generally
solution-driven and not audio-driven.” AUDIO EXPRESS

LCR driver


Morel’s DNA can be found within SoundWall™ LCR drivers. The most advanced transducer technology provides a high-fidelity sound reproduction in a product category that is generally solution-driven and not audio-driven.

Leveraging over 45 years of know-how in engineering and manufacturing raw drivers, Morel now brings you its small yet powerful driver technologies straight out of the strongly constrained world of car audio into the walls of your living space.

Morel developed very shallow, well-built 100mm (4”) driver modules specific for the SoundWall™ LCR in-wall, designed to sound accurate and big yet physically remain small and seamless. The IC-4MI Integra Point Source Module does just that. It features an innovative mechanical structure that enabled Morel to create a single speaker with a near-perfect time-aligned tweeter/woofer configuration. It is designed to reproduce full-range frequency bandwidth with unprecedented power handling, dynamics, and natural sound reproduction.

SoundWall LCR 4 detail

Easy Installation

An innovative installation concept offers a multi-channel audio solution that can be retro-fitted horizontally below any screen without the need for any modifications in the internal wall structure or use complex installation techniques.

The SoundWall™ LCR modular system provides utmost design flexibility to installers. It was designed to stretch up to 160cm (63”), so it offers as many as four different sound solutions for stereo and home theatre applications.

“Morel kindly includes a 125mm hole saw with each SoundWall LCR system to make things easy. The installer-friendliness doesn’t stop there. You might think that not having precut openings for the speaker modules in the mounting track would make things difficult. It’s actually the reverse because it allows you to choose the location of each driver, based on where the studs in the wall are.” Sound and Vision.