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Designed to offer Morel’s signature sound from a hidden source at an affordable price.

SoundWall X-base inwalls

High quality

The  SoundWall™ X-Base series is designed to deliver Morel’s signature sound from a hidden source at an affordable price. Featuring numerous award-winning Morel components and incorporates high-quality handcrafted drivers uniquely designed and constructed to offer extraordinary sound quality for both stereo and home cinema applications.

SoundWall X-base in-ceiling


The SoundWall™ X-Base series features  6” or 4″ (depending on the model) bass/midrange which is fitted with a paper composite cellular fibre cone, a 1.2″ (2.8mm ) voice coil, and a high-grade ferrite magnet system. (In the XBC600H it is a Hybrid motor structure). Morel’s  1” (25 mm) soft-dome tweeter with a neodymium magnet has a 50 degrees dispersion angle for each direction making installation and alignment an easier task, all while providing a wider listening area. Its very wide dispersion means there is no need for directional/pivoting tweeters.

Employing Morel’s renowned soft dome tweeter, excellent off-axis, and wide dispersion speaker design, the X-base promises to reproduce “wall-to-wall” sound in any environment at an unbeatable performance value.