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Carbon Fiber Cone

Derived from the drivers of our award-winning fat lady speaker system, this cone design is comprised of two exterior carbon fiber skins sandwiching a layer of Rohacell, a high strength, featherweight foam. The combination forms a cone that is light, strong and properly damped for naturally uncolored audio reproduction.

DMM motor

Morel’s double drive system generates more magnetic energy than a single magnet of similar size, increasing efficiency and the dynamic range. The position of the secondary magnet fixed above the top plate in the motor is the key in controlling stray magnetic flux, thus generating a more focussed magnetic field while also contributing to the “shielded” characteristic of our speakers.

EVC motor

Morel speakers with EVC™ technology utilize voice coils that are up to three times larger than those used in conventional loudspeakers. The EVC™ design moves the magnetic drive system within the voice coil, eliminating stray magnetic flux by effectively directing all the magnetic energy to the voice coil. The result is an ultra-efficient and powerful design, that is highly compact with efficient heat dissipation and reduced cone breakup for lower distortion.

Hexatech™ Aluminium Voice Coil

Made from 100% aluminum wire shaped like a honeycomb, the Hexatech™ voice coil reduces air gaps in the coil windings, thereby increasing efficiency by up to 20%. Being lightweight, Hexatech™ voice coils are largely responsible for the extraordinary fast transient response Morel drive units are known for.

Lotus Grille

The new Morel grille has a specific pattern of holes in different shapes and diameters engineered to minimize the “horn” effect (high-frequency peak caused by the resonant frequency of multiple same-size holes). Innovative metal processing enabled the construction of a very thin nearly transparent grille that hardly affects the sound at all frequencies whilst maintaining structural integrity to protect the drivers.

The Lotus grille is a registered design protecting Morel’s intellectual property.

Uniflow™ Chassis

Uses an open design that is aerodynamically efficient, allowing air and sound waves to flow uniformly and smoothly. Its geometric shape also eliminates interference with the woofer’s moving components, enabling the use of a low-profile spider for greater support and stability.


Nominal Impendance (ohm) 4Ω
Power Handling Wrms 140W
Max. Trans. Pwr Handling Wrms 600W
Sensitivity (2.83 V/1M) dB 89dB
Frequency response Hz 30-15000
Resonant Freq. Fs Hz 60
Voice Coil Diameter mm (inch) 75 (3)
Voice Coil Height mm (inch) 6 (0.23)
Voice Coil Type/Former Aluminium
Voice Coil Wire Hexatech™ Aluminium
DC Resistance (ohm) 3.5
Voice Coil Induct. @1 kHz (mH) 0.13
Magnet System Neodymium double magnet
HE-Magnetic Gap Height mm (inch) 16 (0.64)
B-Flux Density (T) 0.65
BL Product/BXL 5.19
Max. Linear Ex./Xmax mm (inch) ± 5 (± 0.02)
Suspension Compliance CMS - mm/N 0.41
Electrical Q Factor QES 0.76
QTS 0.57
QMS 2.25
Mech.Resistance RMS - Ohm/meter 2.64
Moving Mass MMS - gr 14.59
Equiv. Can Air Load VAS - L (cu.ft3) 8.08 (0.28)
Effective Piston Area SD sq.cm (sq.inch) 119 (18.45)
Cone type One-piece formed
Cone Material Carbon fiber/ Rohacell sandwich
Unit Diameter mm(inch) 165 (6.50)
Mounting Depth mm (inch) 61 (2.4)
Mounting Cutout 141 (5.55)
Net Wight Kg (lb) 1.47 (3.20)


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