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Merging sound quality, power handling and value promises you the best performance in its class.

Outstanding performance, power and value—these are the virtues of Tempo.
Featuring some of Morel’s innovative technologies, Tempo speaker systems promise car audio enthusiasts the best performance in their class. Morel designed Tempo to be efficient, easy to install, and offer great power handling. You can connect the Tempo speakers to a quality amplifier to achieve a powerful yet musical performance.


High-grade Ferrite magnet

Ferrite magnets are the most commonly used in speakers. While they look similar, there are several grades of magnets. Morel uses only the highest intensity available in its designs. As a result, Morel’s magnetic systems are highly compact yet deliver more magnetic flux than conventional ferrite magnets.

MXR Crossover

Morel Crossover Resolution (MXR) system combines high-quality components and varying features that improve the sound presentation and overall sound quality of Morel’s systems. The MXR crossover system is designed to ensure that drivers integrate seamlessly with minimum loss of signal quality to preserve the natural and tonal balance of our speakers.

Paper cone

In use since the first loudspeakers, the paper continues to be an exceptional material of choice. Morel’s latest paper composite cones are ultra-lightweight, making them an exceptional pairing for drivers using smaller motors and voice coils.


Model Size & Configuration Power Handling (Wrms) / Peak Power (W) Sensitiity (2.83V/1M)(dB) Frequency Response (Hz) Crossover
TEMPO 5 5¼" 2-way 110 / 280 89 60-22000 3800 Hz WF: LPF-6dB TW: HPF-6dB
TEMPO 6 6½" 2-way 120 / 280 90 50-22000 3800 Hz WF: LPF-6dB TW: HPF-6dB