TweeMid TM 4055-8

TweeMid TM 4055-8

Tweeter-Mid: Mid Ø 2.1″, Ø 2″ VC, 8Ω / Tweeter Ø 1.125″, Ø 1″ VC, 8Ω

Overall DimensionsDxH143.20 mm x 80 mmThe same
Nominal Power Handling (DIN)P200W120W
Transient Power 10ms1000W1000W
Sensitivity 2.83V/1M86.5dB86.5dB SPL
Frequency ResponseSee graphSee graph
Cone/Dome MaterialAcuflex™ hand coated soft domeAcuflex™ hand coated soft dome
Net WeightKg0.48
Nominal ImpedanceZ
DC ResistanceRe6.50Ω5.42Ω
Voice Coil Inductance @ 1KHzLBM0.17 mH0.17 mH
Voice Coil DiameterDIA54 mm (2.126")28 mm (1.125")
Voice Coil Height6 mm (0.236")2.7 mm (0.106")
HE Magnetic Gap HeightHE4 mm (0.157)2.5 mm (0.098")
Max. Linear ExcursionX±1 mm
Voice Coil FormerAluminumAluminum
Voice Coil WireHexatech™ AluminumHexatech™ Aluminum
Number Of Layers22
Magnet System TypeHybrid rear ventedNeodymium Vented
B Flux DensityB0.85 T1.4 T
BL ProductBXL5.3 N.A2.0 N.A
Suspension ComplianceCms0.07 mm/N0.21
Mechanical Q FactorQms0.841.28
Electrical Q FactorQes1.321.55
Total Q FactorQts0.510.70
Mechanical ResistanceRms6.850.91
Moving MassMms2.50 g0.29 g
Eq. Cas Air Load (liters)VAS0.080.01
Resonance FrequencyFs365 Hz640 Hz
Effective Piston AreaSD28 cm ²7 cm ²

Product Information


Seamless Mid and Tweeter combination

2.1″ Acuflex™ hand-coated soft dome

2.1″ Large Hexatech™ Aluminum voice coil

Internally damped, Aluminum rear chamber

Wide range linear performance

High power handling


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