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Virtus Nano Woofer

We do not believe in one size fits all approach. This philosophy triggered the development of the Virtus Nano.  It represents the essence of our innovative quest to push acoustic and mechanical boundaries and offer practical solutions to car audio enthusiasts. The Virtus nano series offers a new benchmark level in a two, three-way component and point source systems.

The Virtus Nano Integra leverages morel’s Integra design concept and the newly developed Nano technology design to offer a  point source solution.  Its innovative design a great balance of tonality and sound dispersion in very small form factor. 



Carbon Fiber Cone

Derived from the drivers of our award-winning fat lady speaker system, this cone design is comprised of two exterior carbon fiber skins sandwiching a layer of Rohacell, a high strength, featherweight foam. The combination forms a cone that is light, strong and properly damped for naturally uncolored audio reproduction.

Grand Dome Geometry

Grand Dome Geometry membrane technology is a stiff, convex cone design that provides excellent off-axis performance enabling multiple speaker mount locations in the car. The well-damped, stiff cone design allows the speaker to produce excellent mid-bass frequencies.


Derived from the word “integrate”, Integra is a speaker consisting of both a woofer and tweeter that share a common chassis. Unlike a coaxial, its recessed tweeter is concentrically aligned with the woofer cone. This minimizes phase error and allows the sound field to be constant in all directions, creating a near-perfect time alignment.


Virtus Nano MW6 Virtus Nano Integra 6
Nominal Impendance (ohm) 4 4 4
Power Handling Wrms 100 100
Max. Trans. Pwr Handling Wrms 300 300
Sensitivity (2.83 V/1M) dB 87 87
Frequency response Hz 50 - 5050 50 - 5050
Resonant Freq. Fs Hz 68 73
Voice Coil Diameter mm (inch) 54 (2.16) 54 (2.16)
Voice Coil Height mm (inch) 9.5 (0.4 9.5 (0.4
Voice Coil Type/Former Titanium Titanium
Voice Coil Wire Hexatech™ Aluminium Hexatech™ Aluminium
DC Resistance (ohm) 3 3
Voice Coil Induct. @1 kHz (mH) 0.17 0.17
Magnet System Neodymium Vented Neodymium Vented
HE-Magnetic Gap Height mm (inch) 4 (0.16) 4 (0.16)
BL Product/BXL 3.85 4.18
Max. Linear Ex./Xmax mm (inch) ±3mm (0.12) ±3mm (0.12)
Electrical Q Factor QES 0.97 0.97
QTS 0.65 0.73
QMS 1.98 3.4
Moving Mass MMS - gr/ounce 14 (0.49) 11.8 (0.41)
Equiv. Can Air Load VAS - L (cu.ft3) 11 (0.38) 7.5 (0.26)
Effective Piston Area SD sq.cm (sq.inch) 139 (21.545) 116 (17.98)
Cone Type Carbon Cone Carbon Cone
Cone Material Carbon + Foam Core Carbon + Foam Core
Unit Diameter mm(inch) 6.5 (0.216) 6.5 (0.216)
Mounting Depth mm (inch) 17 (0.7) 17 (0.7)
Mounting Cutout 137 (5.48) 137 (5.48)
Net Wight gr 450 450
Virtus Nano Hero


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