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Its time for a red hot 2007 Corvette installed by Conrad Leduc from Sudbury Car Audio in Canada.

Featuring Morel’s TEMPO ULTRA 602 for the front stage, designed to provide an outstanding music performance. The MAXIMO 5″ Coaxial speakers are easily integrated and used in the rear stage and our 12″ PRIMO SUBWOOFER  delivers great bass sound quality. All are orchestrated by the new Morel MPS 5.950 amplifier built to provide dynamics, with clean, uncolored power that can drive the speakers to their full sonic potential.

We were told the client totally loves his audio system !!!

Thanks Conrad for sharing this with us.

Corvette tempo ultra maximo 5 coax primo sub and mps 5950

Corvette tempo ultra woofer in the door

TEMPO ULTRA 6″ woofer set in the door

Corvette Maximo 5 coaxial speaker

MAXIMO 5″ Coax

Corvette mps 5.950 amp in trunk

12″ PRIMO SUBWOOFER and MPS 5.950 amplifier  in the trunk.





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