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Which Morel Speakers Fit in My Car or Truck?


red car and black truck - which morel speakers fit my car or truck?

If you’re looking for an easy way to improve the sound quality of your car stereo system, a Morel speaker upgrade is the perfect solution. Morel offers speakers in almost every size and configuration, so it’s easy to choose a model that will fit your vehicle perfectly and give you that detailed, natural sound that has made this brand so sought after. Let’s look at the speaker sizes and configurations available and what solutions might fit in your car, truck or SUV.

Let’s Talk About Speaker Size

Aftermarket car audio speakers are offered in several standardized diameters and dimensions to match what automakers use when they assemble your vehicle. In most instances, you’ll want to replace the speakers that came with your vehicle with better-sounding Morel solutions of the same size. This approach gives you the quality and detail upgrade you want without having to make a significant investment in a custom installation. Morel speakers are available in coaxial two-way and two- and three-way component designs. For those wanting something special, a custom installation with A-pillar or dash pods can provide optimized locations that, when combined with proper system calibration, can deliver an exceptionally realistic soundstage.

Speakers come in many sizes to fit different locations but also to focus on reproducing different parts of the audio spectrum. A small speaker that focuses on reproducing high-frequency information is called a tweeter. Tweeters (1.5 inches and smaller) typically play from 1,500 to 4,000 hertz to beyond the upper limits of human hearing. Midrange drivers (2 to 4 inches) are designed to reproduce vocals and other mid-band frequencies from 150 hertz to wherever the tweeter takes over. Perfecting the design of a midrange driver is crucial to reproducing music with accurate tonal balance. A woofer (5 to 9 inches) is a larger speaker that is designed to handle bass frequencies below where the midrange drivers play. These drivers need more excursion capability and power handling so they can move more air. Kick drums, synthesizers and bass guitar sounds are reproduced by woofers. Our two-way speaker sets use high-quality mid-woofers that cover the upper bass and midrange frequencies from a single driver. A three-way set would include woofers, midrange drivers and tweeters.

Morel loudspeaker sizes from 12inch to the smallest 2.5"
Speaker sizes

Speaker System Geometry

A Morel coaxial speaker is a single unit that combines a woofer or midrange driver with a tweeter mounted on a post that extends up through the speaker’s center. Our Maximo Ultra series speakers include many coaxial designs to make upgrading your audio system easy.

Morel’s Integra speakers take the coaxial concept to a new level of performance. A true point source design concentrically places a premium-quality tweeter at the center of the woofer in line with the bottom of the cone. Whether listening to the speaker directly or off-axis, as in most automotive installations, the sound from both drivers arrives at your ear simultaneously. This mechanical “time alignment” helps to deliver smooth and predictable frequency response through the crossover region for improved tonal balance and realism.

Morel’s Tempo Ultra Integra MKII series – A true point source design

Morel Speakers for Almost Every Application

The Morel Maximo Ultra MKII and Tempo Ultra MKII from our Performance series include 4-, 5.25- and 6.5-inch round sizes and 5×7 and 6×9-inch oval options. These drivers have a nominal 4-ohm impedance and offer excellent efficiency, so they are compatible with the radio or amplifier that might have come with your vehicle or with aftermarket upgrades. The Tempo Ultra Integra uses our concentrically mounted tweeter design for improved off-axis performance.

Our Reference series speaker offerings include the Virtus, Virtus nano Carbon, Hybrid and Elate Carbon models with solutions in 4-, 5.25-, 6.5- and 9-inch diameters. These speakers perform fantastically with high-quality amplifiers and deliver exceptional clarity with impressive dynamic performance. Virtus and Hybrid solutions include two- and three-way components and Integra coaxial solutions. The premium Elate Carbon and Elate Carbon Pro are offered as complete active speaker sets with available passive crossovers. All solutions from the Reference series lines are also offered as individual woofers, tweeters and midrange drivers where applicable.

Speaker mounting depth requirements are often a significant limitation when upgrading a car audio system. Your vehicle may have an opening that can accommodate a 6.5-inch class speaker, but the window glass or regulator assembly might prevent you from installing a Tempo Ultra or Hybrid woofer. Our revolutionary Virtus nano Carbon speakers are the perfect solution for these instances. Available in Integra or as component set solutions with two- and three-way options, the 6.5-inch woofer in these systems requires only 0.7 inch (17 millimeters) of mounting depth. There’s even a three-way Virtus nano Carbon set for vehicles with minimal space where the owner wants maximum performance. These are the shallowest high-performance car audio speakers in the industry. The Virtus nano Carbon speaker sets are a very popular solution for classic and custom vehicle kick-panel and door installations. Their shallow, efficient design works equally well in sports cars, supercars and hypercars where space and weight are important considerations.

For those seeking the utmost transparency and dynamics with ruler-flat frequency response, the Resolution series Supremo 602 set is the answer. This flagship speaker set features technologies like our massive 3-inch Hexatech™ voice coil, the DMM™ motor design that increases efficiency, class-leading carbon fiber and Rohacell woofer cones, underhung voice coils and the proprietary Acuflex™ soft dome in the lauded Supremo Piccolo tweeter design. The result is a speaker system that will ensure that your music sounds exactly like it did when it was mastered in the studio.

Upgrade Your Car with Morel Speakers Today

Whether you want to improve the performance of a simple factory-installed audio system or create a mobile listening experience that betters some of the best high-end home audio systems on the planet, Morel has a solution. Visit an authorized Morel retailer to experience the Morel speakers that will fit your car, truck or SUV. You can find a dealer near you by using our online Dealer Locator.

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