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Morel’s Focus on Natural Sound

Listen for natural tonal balance

Natural Sound – The Truest Listening Experience

Musicians and recording engineers devote hundreds of hours to creating art that we can enjoy in our homes or vehicles. Those who care deeply about music know that reproducing audio recordings is a balance of passion and technology. Morel’s focus on recreating music that matches what was heard in the recording studio is driven by a desire to share that experience with the world.

Whether sitting back and enjoying Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin or something more modern like Adele, Norah Jones or Billie Eilish, all will agree that recreating the human voice faithfully is notoriously challenging. The work of professional performers like these can span many octaves, and they sing at levels from a whispered lullaby to bone-jarring fortissimo.

The thud and resonance of a hammer hitting the skin of a Ludwig kick drum. The sound of a bow drawn across the string of a D Z Strad violin. The sheer breadth of a Bechstein concert grand piano. Balancing attack, decay, frequency response and output capability are not easy.

When it’s time to purchase new speakers, trusting your ears is the best advice we can offer. Audition as many speakers as you can with the same music. Listen for natural tonal balance – this indicates a speaker with a smooth frequency response. Listen for dynamic properties – a speaker that responds quickly with no resonance or overhang tells you the company cares about time-based performance characteristics. Finally, pay attention to clarity. Transducers designed with distortion-minimizing technologies sound more transparent, revealing and accurate.

Morel audio solutions are designed to make every note and breath appear as though the performer and their instrument were in the room with you. Realism, accuracy and truthfulness – all are synonymous with our Natural Sound mantra.

Technology-Driven Performance

How do we achieve our goal of reproducing music accurately? Technology. Few companies can match the engineering efforts Morel puts into our transducer and speaker solutions. Unlike many companies, we do extensive in-house transducer design. This gives us the epitome of control over what you hear when playing your favorite recording.

Our speaker products include technologies like EVC™ (External Voice Coil) motor systems, a key feature of our products since 1975. This is also the basis for our large 2.1-, 3- and 5.1-inch voice coils.  Our woofer cones use carbon fiber layered over a Rohacell core to deliver the perfect balance of rigidity and damping to prevent resonances that emphasize specific frequencies. Large-diameter titanium voice coil formers with our Hexatech windings increase power handling and efficiency and reduce thermal compression. Hence, your music will sound excellent over hours and hours at high volume levels. Our 3-inch diameter voice coil assemblies allow us to place rare earth magnets directly inside the magnetic gap to further improve efficiency and reduce stray magnetic fields that can cause distortion. The shape of the cast aluminum Uniflow chassis is optimized to prevent loading or reflections that might affect midrange realism and detail.

EVC™ (External Voice Coil) motor system

Our tweeters are renowned for their detailed, warm sound, compliments of a silk dome treated with a specially engineered damping compound. We call this our Acuflex™ soft-dome design, and it’s a key element in delivering a listening experience free of unwanted coloration or harshness at any volume level. Our use of concentrically mounted tweeters in our Integra drivers mechanically time-aligns the output of each driver so that music sounds realistic at all angles.

Acuflex™ soft-dome design

While this is only a small mention of Morel’s technological achievements, what matters most is that listeners across the globe agree on the results. Listening to music through Morel speakers is like lifting a veil between you and the performance. From the subtlest of details to the loudest of choruses, Morel delivers Natural Sound that matches the original recording with utmost accuracy.

We invite you to experience Morel’s Natural Sound for yourself. You can find an authorized Morel dealer near you using the online Dealer Locator on our website. To learn more about the brand and our products, be sure to follow us on Facebook , Instagram, and YouTube.

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