Elate Titanium 2-way / 3-way
Elate Titanium system

Elate Titanium

2-way / 3-way


Combining newly developed technologies to deliver precision, musicality and high power capability like never before

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  • Sound System
  • C.A.R Filter
  • Aluminium Hexatech
  • Hybrid Sense
  • Lotus Shape

Product Information


The Elate has been recognized as an icon in-car audio. Morel’s R&D re-engineered this series to combine newly developed technologies to deliver precision, musicality, and high power capability like never before.

Borrowing technologies from Morel’s high-end cutting-edge hi-fi raw-drivers, the Elate Titanium woofers feature a new titanium bobbin (voice coil former) made to produce a quick transient response that aligns with the acoustic challenges of the car, allowing the woofer to match different enclosures for the different car doors. The woofers continue to employ Morel’s C.A.R filter™ and 3-inch EVC™ with Hexatech™ technology.

Complementing the woofers is the MT350 hand-crafted Acuflex™ coated soft dome tweeter with Double Magnet and vented cavity design for improved transiency and dynamic range. The tweeter has a smaller footprint and a completely new mounting design for easier installation in factory locations. In the 3-way configuration, an improved CDM880 Acuflex™ Coated soft dome midrange provides lower resonance and higher X-Max than before.

When it all comes together, the new Elate Titanium series recreates a soundstage with astounding transparency and imaging, while being more musically dynamic than ever.

Technology Bar

One-Piece DPC cone   Hexatech™ Aluminum Voice Coil

EVC™ structure 28mm Acuflex™ coated tweeter

Double Ferrite Magnet Motor Titanium bobbin – woofer

Shielded Magnet C.A.R Filter™

Uniflow™ Chassis

Lotus Grille-tweeter & midrange

Octopus Grille- woofer

Extra-large 3″ voice coil for woofer and 2″ voice coil for Midrange


MODELSize & ConfigurationPower Handling (Wrms)Peak Power (W)Sensitivity(2.83V/1M)(dB)Frequency Response (Hz)Crossover
ELATE TI 5025¼” 2-way16010008740-25000MXT280
ELATE TI 5035¼” 3-way16010008740-25000MXT380
ELATE TI 6026½ 2-way18010008830-25000MXT280
ELATE TI 6036½ 3-way18010008830-25000MXT380
ELATE TI 9028¾ 2-way20010008925-25000MXT280
ELATE TI 9038¾ 3-way20010008925-25000MXT380


  • Elate 603 Review March 2015


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