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The X-Base 600/800 All-weather in-ceiling and in-wall speakers deliver Morel’s iconic sound performance in a highly humid and wet environment.  Featuring a robust 6″/ 8” woofer reproduces a powerful and dynamic bass-rich performance that will fill any space with authority. 

SoundWall XBC800 AW 3 views

Form follows function

Manufactured to the most exacting quality and performance standards, the new SoundWall XBC AW models were designed to offer a cost-effective solution for spaces exposed to humidity and water for extended periods of time. A relatively shallow profile and a sturdy mounting mechanism promise reliable performance for years to come. All models include a paintable frameless micro-perforated grille for easy integration with any living space. 


SoundWall XBW600 AW details view

Impactful Sound

Leveraging Morel’s know-how and legendary sound signature, the SoundWall™ X-Base AW is a winner. Using a very powerful motor structure and customized mechanical suspension, our engineers worked diligently to offer a fine tonal balance to ensure that music would sound as clear and natural as it can be while reproducing rich and impactful bass notes. The coaxial design offers excellent sound dispersion, detailed vocals, and natural highs that will fill any room with beautiful music. 

SoundWall XBC800 AW 3 views

All-Weather IP54 certified

Designed specifically for outdoor and highly humid areas, all XBC AW models use specially treated components engineered for durability to withstand the test of the elements.  Woofer and tweeter, made of very durable polymers, are constructed to prevent any moisture penetration.